About Me

I graduated from the Seidel School of Professional Studies with a Bachelor of Science degree. My major was Exercise Science with a minor in Athletic Coaching and I became a certified personal trainer through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA-CPT).

I originally got into the field of health and fitness because I like helping people, but once I realized I only have one body for my entire life, I knew it would be a part of my path forever. Helping people to accomplish their goals and achieve things they didn’t think they were capable of is an amazing feeling, and it means even more to me when it pertains to a topic as important as health.

I have been a big sports fan my entire life so working with athletes and then getting to see them succeed on the court, the field, and in the pool is the most rewarding experience to me. I was blessed to have this opportunity while at Salisbury University and continue to enjoy working with athletes of all ages. Anyone can benefit from training whether it be to have a better softball game at the fire station, to play a sport in college, or to increase the chance of receiving a scholarship.

I returned to Poolesville, MD after graduating to offer personal training in the gym where I got my first job. Poolesville Athletic Club is a local fitness center that has all the feel of a small town business but also hosts a 24 hour access facility with the tools needed to acquire your fitness needs.

Form beats numbers. Using proper form is important to make sure your body is working in the safest and most effective way to train.
Progress to success. Progressing to new accomplishments means proper changes in exercises, weight, sets, and reps or time.
Exercises less known. Anyone can use a machine, but learning how to use dumbbells and barbells in new ways, and using new equipment like elastic bands and medicine balls can be fun!
Let your body heal. Simple ways to help you get a better sleep at night or give your body what it needs can make a huge difference!
I care. The success and happiness of the people I work with means a great deal to me. I’m invested in you.